Why Canadians Volunteered for the War


Loyalty to Britain


- There were more Imperialists in Canada than either Nationalists or Continentlists


- Many Said that Britain needs us and that they owe Britain their loyalty


- The Majority of population in Canada was of British heritage


Canadian Patriotism


- Some nationalists and others joined out of loyalty to Canada


- They may not have agreed wit the war by the went to support their country




- Between 1900-1913, times were good, lots of money to be made, lots of jobs


- Between 1913-1914 there was depression, fewer jobs, crop failures on many farms


- Men went to war to pay bills and receive food and shelter


Peer Pressure


- Many young men joined because of their friends


- Sometimes men didn’t enlist and others shunned them


- Later in the war, woman handed white feathers to men in the streets, they thought they should be overseas fighting


- The feathers embarrassed them in public




- Pre WW1, the idea of war was fun, battles, charges, swords, etc.


- War wasn’t as dangerous and there was a code of hour between enemies


- Joining the army have many young men a chance to see the world and to get rid of boredom