Violence & Abuse



Violence: Any mean word, look, sign, or act that hurts a person’s feelings or things. (Remboldt, 1994)



Psychological/Emotional Abuse




- Verbal/Emotional treats or abuse directed to another person


- Intimidation and harassment


- Controlling behavior in a relationship



- Excluding someone from a group


- Spreading rumors


- Cyber bullying


Physical Abuse


Threatening or using force to physically hurt/injure another person.


Financial Abuse

- Extortion: Threat or violence forcing somebody to pay to avoid violence


- Blackmailing


- Continuously borrowing money (To a point where the lender feels like he/she has no choice.


Sexual Abuse


Rape, incest, unwanted sexual touching, date rape, or harassment. Basically, any type of unwanted sexual activity.




- Repeated/Intentional attacks on others.


- Perpetrator often has more power than the target


- Bullying can take the form of psychological, physical, financial or sexual abuse