Grade 11 Chemistry - Unit 2 Review

Lesson 1 – Chemical Equations


Chemical Reactions



Clues that Chemical Reaction/Change Occurred


Writing Chemical Formulas


Symbols in equations

Chemical Equation Symbols


Chemical Equations


Conservation of Mass


Rules for Balancing


1)    Assemble the correct formulas for all the reactants and products, using “+” and “→”


2)    Count the number of atoms of each type appearing on both sides


3)    Balance the elements one at a time by adding coefficients (the numbers in front) where you need more – save balancing the H and O until LAST! *Save single elements for the last


4)    Double-Check to make sure it is balanced by counting the atoms on both sides.


–      If you change the subscript (formula) you are describing a different chemical.


–      H2O is a different compound than H2O2


–      2NaCl is okay, but Na2Cl is not.


Pb(NO3)2+       2KI -->             PbI2 + 2KNO3


Types of Reactions


Synthesis Reactions


Decomposition Reactions


Decomposition Exceptions


Combustion Reactions


Single Displacement Reactions


Using the Activity Series


Halogen Activity Series



No Reactions

Double Displacement Reactions




Characteristics of Combustion


Combustion with Hydrocarbons


Complete Combustion


Incomplete Combustion


Carbon Monoxide




Combustion with other Substances


Neutralization Reactions




Example 2




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