Types of History



- Who were making the laws?

- What type of government existed?

- Who was in power?

- What influenced the person in power?

- How did the person get in power?

- How did a person lose power?

- How were conflicts caused & resolved between nations?

- Freedoms that the government allowed its citizens?





- What did houses look like?

- What languages were spoken?

- How did people get along?

- What was family life like (i.e. number of children)?

- What was the dominant religion? Main ethnic groups?

- Was there a social hierarchy? Different Classes?

- What was socially acceptable and not acceptable?





- How expensive were products?

- What was the average income?

- Did the econopmy lead to socialism or capitalism?

- What were the main exports/imports?

- Who were main trading partners?

- What was the employment rate?

- What was the currency?

- What was the gap between rich and poor?

- What stage of the economic cycle was the country in?