Transferrable Job Skills

What are they?


Transferable job skills are those versatile skills that you can apply and make use of in a number of different roles. They are the inventory of assets that help you transition into and excel in a new role. They ensure our professional resilience and the robustness and longevity of your career. Moreover they allow you to more easily and readily explore lateral dimensions in your career and acquire added skills and expertise.


Are they the same as highly specialized skills?


While highly specialized skills may be essential to building your own personal competitive advantage and ensuring success in a particular role or organization, it is the transferable skills that ensure you do not become professionally redundant or obsolete over the long term.


Who has transferable job skills and how do you get them?


Everyone has transferable skills and they are acquired all through a person’s life from infant and grade school through to college via formal course, informal education, personal reading, social activities, professional activities and life in general. Once you have identified the set of essential skills that you can take with you and apply anywhere you go, you can embark on a dedicated mission to cultivate these skills further and add to their inventory.


Main Points: