The Necklace

1.  Describe Madame Loisel.


Madame Loisel is a woman who got married to a semi poor man. She always wanted a lavish lifestyle but she could never afford it.

2.  In what way is she “suffering”?


She is suffering because she doesn't have enough money to afford expensive things, and she feels that she could’ve married somebody much more wealthy.

3.  Do you think she is justified in feeling so hard done by?


I think she has some reason to believe that she could’ve had a better life, but seeing as her family was poor and in the old days if you were poor you basically went through cycle she probably didn’t have a great chance. I think when she went to the ball she knew that she could’ve married somebody rich as all the men liked her. Otherwise I feel that because of her circumstances she should’ve made the best of it and not complained making her life miserable.

4.  From whom does she borrow the necklace?


Madame Loisel borrows the necklace from Madame Forestier

5.  How does the necklace transform her physically and mentally during the party?


The necklace makes her feel expensive and that he is living the lifestyle she always wanted. She also looked very pretty so everybody wanted to dance and talk with her.

6.  Do you think a physical thing could

change the way you feel on the inside?  If

yes, give an example.  If no, why not?


I do think it can. For example some people play basketball better just knowing they have expensive things. I think it is a physiological thing that makes you feel like you're better.

7.  What happens after the party?


After the party, they returned home and they found the necklace was missing.

8.  What do Monsieur and Madame Loisel do

as a result?


Monsieur and Madame Loisel look all around the town for the necklace but couldn’t find it. They went to several jewelry stores and found an exact replica for 40,000 francs, the jeweler said he could give it for 36,000 francs. Her husband went to all his friends and made deals, and promises he knew he couldn’t commit to. Eventually he collected the money and they bought a new necklace for her.

9.  Describe Madame Loisel’s life over the next ten years.


Madame Loisel’s life was very hard over the next ten year. Her and her husband kept paying debts, and working very hard. Her husband worked two jobs and was very tired.

10. In 4-5 sentences describe what you would have done if you were in Madame Loisel’s situation.


If I were Madame Loisel I would’ve gone and told Madame Forestier what happened and hope shed forgive me or I could slowly pay the debt to her. I know it is easier said than done but it is defiantly the right thing to do.


11. What is the theme of the short story?


The theme of the necklace is to tell the truth as it shall set you free as some say.