Most Dangerous Game



The antagonist in this story is General Zaroff. He is clever because he created the game to challenge his hunting skills. He also created traps to lure humans to the island so that he can hunt them. He is egoistic because he thinks he is the best hunter in the world and nobody can beat or hunt him. He is also dangerous because he is a very skilled hunter and if you are hunting against him, you have a very slight chance of living because of his experience and skill.

The protagonist in this story is Sanger Rainsford. He is skilful for many reasons. First of all he was able to create several traps to trap General Zaroff. He also used limited resources. Rainsford is also intelligent because he wrote a book about hunting and he was also able to stay calm and collective through the challenge. Lastly, he is alert because he always notices and hears the General or his dogs when they come.



Plot Diagram


Trigger Action

Rising Action


Falling Action



Different Traps



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Think logically and stay calm

Rainsford had to play General Zaroff’s most dangerous game as a huntee. However, he didn’t start panicking; he stayed calm and thought logically in order to figure out a way to not lose the game.


What goes around comes around

Rainsford is a hunter who hunts animals, and he thinks that his prey can’t feel pain or fear. However, after arriving at Ship Trap Island, he became a huntee instead of a hunter. He walks in a hunter’s shoes and realizes how it feels to be hunted by someone.


Cruelty and Inhumanity

This story is mainly focused around killing and death. General Zaroff is a very cruel dangerous man because he hunts humans. He has no consideration or compassion for others. He says he is hunting humans, whereas actually, it is murder. In addition, Rainsford has a hardhearted attitude toward the animals he hunts. In the same way that Zaroff is inconsiderate toward humans, Rainsford is inconsiderate towards his prey.





One of the conflicts in this story is a man vs. man. This is one of the most prominent conflicts as it is General Reinsford against Sager Reinsford.


Another conflict in the story is a man vs. himself, and this occurs in several parts of the story. Close to the beginning, Sager Reinsford was debating with himself whether to escape the island or to stay and fight. Also at the end of the 2nd day he was debating whether to jump off the cliff or to hide and fight the general.


Another conflict in this story is man vs. nature. While in the wild Sager Reinsford has to use his resources to survive.


The last conflict that we found was man vs. destiny, when he fell off the boat, we think it was his destiny to go and put his hunting abilities to the test and get stronger.