The Case for the Defence

  1. How well does the introduction fulfill its role?  (Refer to your notes on the functions of an introduction)


-The introduction fulfilled the role. It was brief, arouses the interest of the reader, gave background information on the characters, introduced the main character and gave the setting of it.


  1. Describe the atmosphere of the story?  How has this atmosphere been carried right to the end of the story?


-       The atmosphere of the story is a mystifying one. The atmosphere is carried throughout the story by creating confusion and brings in facts that were not stated in the introduction.


  1. Who is the narrator?  What is the effect of a first person narrator?


The narrator of the story is most likely the husband or son of Mrs. Parker. The effect of this first person narration gives us all the correct information and it also gives us the effect of realism, and that the story is more real beacuase a "witness" is telling the story.


  1. How effectively has the accused been presented?


The accused has been presented as a man of formality (formal wear), and as a man who has twin, making the judge and witnesses confused as they don’t know who committed the crime. Also the accused is making It seem observed that they could accuse him as the guilty.


  1. Outline the events of the crime as brought out in the novel.


-Man seen running away from little red villa

-Man drops hammer before running

-Man seen running down corner of Northwood Street

-Man seen again at Laurel Avenue


  1. Why can Mrs. Salmon be called the “perfect witness”?


Mrs. Salmon can be called a Perfect witness because was the only one who witnessed the entire murder, and is said to be fifty-six with excellent vision


  1. Quote three  similes used in the story and for each one explain the image or picture it creates in your mind.   Why is this image an effective technique used by the author?


a) “his eyes suffused with horrifying and brutal fear, like an animal's when


you raise a whip his”


b) “He gave a squeal like a rabbit”


c) “like domes of silence muting the court.”


I think similes, and this image is very effective as it allows you to picture the story, and create a clearer image of what the story is saying. It also sometimes gives you a simpler example for the event, so that the reader can picture it better.

  1. Foreshadowing is a literary device in which an author drops subtle hints about plot developments to come later in the story.  Provide an example of foreshadowing from the story.


One example of foreshadowing that I can think of is when the woman is asked if she can identify exactly who the murder is. It is obvious that she knows who it is because previously in the story she expresses her certainty. For some reason she decided not to say which brother it is, for a reason I’m not sure of. When you hear that the twin got thrown on the street, you can almost foreshadow that he was going to die and that he is the twin that committed the murder.




I think that the theme or message in this story is the right thing will happen no matter what. Also don’t be angry if something doesn't happen because whatever somebody deserves will happen to them without you doing anything.


  1. What is “divine vengeance”?  Relate this meaning to the context of the story.


Divine vengeance is punishment, from god or a powerful supernatural. It is like karma or something that is meant to happen.  In the story it is shown as when one of the twins die, it implies that he was the guilty one, because he was “punished.


  1. How is the ending of this story open-ended?  How is it like the story “The Lady or the Tiger?”


I think this story is open ended like the Lady or the Tiger in the way of in the end they don’t directly say who the murderer is. But you do begin to think that the twin who died, died because he was meant to die, because he is the murderer.


Creative – Write a different ending to the story.  You can start from the end of the last paragraph or take the last paragraph out and start from there.  Your ending should be one paragraph long.


The trial ended and as the twins went out the front door, one of the twins were pushed out into the middle of the street in front of a bus. The bus hit the brakes and skidded into the crowed. Everybody moved out of the way, some were injured but 1 was killed. Mrs. Salmon was the person who died that day. Most believe it was because she didn’t do the right thing by telling who committed the murder. Leaving the crime unsolved and the culprit got away with his misdoing.