Smoking Truth or Dare (Based on Inclass Movie)

The folowing answers are based on a movie showed in class.


1. Identify reasons why people smoke:


- Peer Pressure

- Difficult Circumstances

- Stress Relief

- Want to look mature

- It's "Cool"


2. Identify the effects of smoking. Inculde physical, social, emotional, etc...


- Age Faster

- Harder to breathe

- Heart Damage

- Second Hand Smoke


3. What are the effects of using chewing tobacco?


- Gum Disease

- Throat Cancer

- Lung Cancer

- Hairy Tongue

- Death !


4. Identify some of the people in the video and what they had to give up because of their addiction to nicotine.


- Playing Basball

- Doing the things they love

- Their Youth

- The Chance for a Normal Life


5. Why is it so difficult for teens and adlts to make lifestyle choices that protect thier health.


- Some adults don't want to be proven wrong

- They are scared to ruin their "image"

- It's one of the only things that makes them happy

- It makes them fit in with a group of friends