Sleep Facts

Your brain doesn't rest while you are sleeping


You need more than 1-2 hours of sleep to function and learn problem


Boredom doesn't make you feel sleepy


Resting in bed with your eyes closed does not satisfy/replace sleeping.


Snoring can be harmful, can lead to breathing problems or sleep apnea


Everybody dreams at night, but some people just don’t remember their dreams.


The older you get you need to sleep for the same amount or more to feel rested


Most people do not know when they are sleepy


Raising the volume of your radio will not help you stay awake longer as it will just stimulate your senses for a very short period of time


Sleep disorders are not mainly due to worry or psychological problems. There can be other factors that effect sleep disorders.


The human body never adjusts to night shift work. All living things (people, animals, and even plants) have a circadian or about 24-hours rhythm. When working night shifts you will feel sleepy during the day and you wont be able to be “nocturnal”.


Most sleep disorders do not go away without treatment. Medical, psychological, or physical help is usually needed to fix a sleep disorder.


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