Questions Act 1


ACT I Scene I

1. Where does the play open?
The play opens at the Duke’s Palace, in Illyria.

2. The Duke has a very famous speech, in the beginning of the play, about love.  How does the Duke feel about love?
The Duke feels that if true music makes people more in love, then he wants too much of it. The Duke feels that love is so restless; it makes you want everything one, moment, and makes you sick of things a moment later. That love is so vivid and fantastical that nothing compares to it.

3. What news does Valentine bring the Duke?  How does the Duke react?
Valentine tells the Duke that the one he loves, Olivia, is going to go around veiled like a nun, and water her room once a year with her tears in memory of her brother, who has recently died. Valentine is trying to tell the Duke that he has no chance of loving Olivia for the next 7 years. The news just made the Duke love Olivia more! He thought that if she could express her love to her brother that deeply, then how great her love will be to him when he wins her over.

4. Comment on Orsino's nature (personality) after seeing and hearing him in this scene.
Duke Orsino is a very romantic and deep person. Based on hearing him in this scene, he obviously never gives up and is perseverant.

ACT I Scene II

1. In what light does Viola find herself?  How does her entrance reveal this?

Viola comes to Illyria from a shipwreck. It appears that her brother is lost at sea; the captain told her that she was lucky to be saved, but she hoped that maybe her brother is lucky too and lives.

2. Because of her "status" where does she naturally turn for help?
Because of Viola’s status she turns to Olivia for help. Since Viola is a woman and needs to serve someone the only person she knew was Olivia.

3. Why is this solution to the problem ruled out?
This solution is ruled out because Olivia is not seeing anybody man or woman, therefore she cannot help her.

4. What interesting alternative does Shakespeare to complicate the plot?
The interesting alternative Shakespeare adds to complicate the plot is that he made Viola want to be a eunuch so that she can serve the duke.

5. What do Viola and Olivia have in common?
Viola and Olivia both lost their brothers. Viola’s brother is lost, and Olivia’s brother is dead, therefore they are both missing something.

6. How is Sebastian (Viola's brother) introduced into the play, and what feeling is conveyed as to his fate?
Sebastian is introduced as Viola’s brother; he was lost out on sea on the way to Illyria. The feeling conveyed as to his fate is hope; the captain and Viola are both hopeful that they will find her brother.


1. How, by his physical appearance, his dress, and his manner, is Toby's first entrance made interesting?
Toby is introduced as a drinker; he dresses in basic clothes good enough to drink in. His entrance is made interesting as Maria is trying to send him a message and he is refusing to accept and he is being obnoxious.

2. Why is Sir Andrew staying at Olivia's house?
Sir Andrew is at Olivia’s house because Sir Toby is though he would be a good husband for Olivia. Sir Toby also brought Sir Andrew to Olivia’s house to pay for his drinks.

3. Provide one clue from this scene that suggests the following:

a. Maria has a "thing" for Sir Toby
Maria is trying to help Sir Toby in a caring way; this hints that she has a “thing” for him.

b. Sir Andrew isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer:
When Sir Toby tells Sir Andrew “Accost” he thinks that Maria’s name is “Accost”. This shows that he isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer as he wasn’t smart enough to understand that Sir Toby is telling him to “flirt” with Maria. Also Sir Andrew is very gullible, as Sir Toby was able to convince him

ACT I Scene IV

1. What name has Viola given herself as she pretends to be a man?

2. How do we know that the Duke has really taken to Viola, his new pageboy?
The Duke started favouring Viola very fast and Valentine tells her that the Duke may give her a promotion soon. The Duke trusted Viola (Cesario) to go to Olivia and express his love to her.

3. What does the Duke ask Viola to do for him?
The Duke asked Viola to go to Olivia and express the love he has for her.

4. Why does the Duke argue that Viola is better suited for the task than an older servant?  Why is this funny?
The Duke argues that Viola is better suited for the task because she is more feminine. This is funny because Viola is actually a girl.

5. How does Viola feel about performing the task for the Duke
reveal her feelings for him?
Viola feels odd doing this task as she secretly loves and wants to marry the Duke. It is weird for her to go matchmaking for the one she loves, but it is her duty as his servant.


ACT I Scene V

1. In the beginning of this scene Maria is arguing with Feste over his long absence.  What does Feste imply about Maria and Sir Toby to shut her up?

The Feste implies that he knows that Maria loves Sir Toby. He also implies that if Sir Toby wasn’t so drunk, she could make a good wife for him.

2. Why doesn't Olivia want to see Feste or have him around?

Maria doesn’t want to see the Feste or have him around because he is dishonest, he left for a long time, and he is insulting/making fun of her loving Sir Toby.


3. How do Malvolio and Feste feel about one another?

Malvolio thinks that Feste is not funny and doesn’t want him around.


4. What state is Sir Toby in when he returns from the gate to see Olivia?  Who does Olivia ask to look after him and why is this funny?

Sir Toby is drunk when he returns from the gate to see Olivia. Olivia asks the Feste to take care of him, this is funny because she doesn't really trust the Feste and the Feste isn’t really the right person to take care of Sir Toby as he is immature himself.


5. Why do you think Olivia might want to see Viola's face?

Olivia might want to see Viola’s face because she is curious as to if this man is handsome, what he looks like, and if she may like him.


6. How does Olivia respond to what "Cesario" has to say about the Duke's love?

Olivia tells Cesario to tell the Duke that she will never love him and to only come back if he wants to tell her how he took the news. Olivia also doesn’t believe the Duke’s love is fake.