- Alcohol blamed for many social problems (Crime, public drunkenness, family violence, poverty)


- The temperance movement called on people to abstain from drinking alcohol


- Gained ground in North America


- Believed that many families could live better if money not spent on alcohol


- Nellie McClung and Louise McKinney of Famous Five were members of the movement


- Before and during WW1 the movement banned alcohol in several provinces including Ontario


- Under the War Measures Act, the federal government enacted Prohibition


Prohibition: laws against making and selling intoxicating liquor


- Not all Canadians liked prohibition, lead to illegal trade in alcohol


-  Government lost incomes from alcohol taxes


- Prohibition repealed in 1921


- When prohibition was still in parts of the USA, Canada was able to benefit by selling alcohol to Americans


- Every year Rum Runners transported 45 million litres of liquor into the US every year  (Rocco Perri and Emilio Picariello were famous for rum running)