Plot Graphs


  1. Introduction
  2. Trigger Incident
  3. Rising Action
  4. Climax
  5. Falling Action
  6. Conclusion.


The introduction should be brief, arouse interest, give background information, introduce main characters, give the setting and possibly suggest a theme.


The Trigger Incident

This is where the conflict is introduced that will be followed by the rising action of the plot. It will be found at the beginning of the story.


Rising action

This is the major portion of the plot. It involves a succession of obstacles of problems that lead to the climax.



This is the culmination of the events of the rising action. It is the turning point where the struggle of the rising action changes direction, so that the forces which were winning in the rising action begin to be defeated. It is usually brief, distinct and the highest point of interest.


Falling action/Conclusion

This is the resolution of the plot that ties up all the loose ends. It is always brief so as to become anticlimactic.




Formula for Remembering Elements

When reading short stories use the following prompts to look for the elements to be used within the plot graph: