Once Upon A Time

  1. Draw and label a plot graph with the events that happen in the story.


Introduction: A couple their boy, have a housemaid, and The parents begin to feel threatened by the robbers and bad people in the city.

Trigger: A robber breaks into a house near by. There were also many burgalaries in the neighborhood.

Rising Action: The parents begin to create fences, and barriers, to protect their house.

Climax: The boy gets stuck in fence wires and bleeds a lot.

Falling Action: the boy is rushed inside.

Conclusion: The little boy died. Everybody was sad, and it showed that overprotection, and overthinking things, can cause more problems than it solves.


  1. How well does the introduction fulfill its role?


I think that the introduction fulfills it’s role very well because it shows the fear of the person. Also it shows the fear and sets the tone for the story.



  1. What is the setting of this story?  Provide proof.


I think that the setting of this story is in the suburbs of a city. Probably in a place where the city is very dangerous, Also there are probably also very dangerous and desperate people in the city. I believe it could be in South Africa where people have little money and are desperate to steal from the rich.

  1. From your own knowledge and other readings, what do you know about this setting?


I know that this setting has a very hard condition of life. Everything is hard there, life is not easy, and people are desperate for money, food, and anything else.


  1. Who is the protagonist in the story? Explain.


The protagonist in this story are the parents. I believe this because the parents have a goal of protecting the house and keeping it safe. They are characters that whole story centers around.


  1. What is the narrative point of view?


I think that the point of view is Omniscient. This is because the author is not part of the story and we know most of the thoughts of all the characters. We also know all the motives of the characters.


  1. What is the theme of the story? Explain.


I think that the theme of the story is that when you are too careful bad things could happen. I think that the story is trying to tell you to be careful but when you take things to an extreme things go bad.


  1. What is the significance of the title of this story?


The significance of the title is somewhat the irony of the title. When you hear the words once upon a time you thing that it’s going to have a happily ever after. It is also irony because the family is trying to live an happily ever after but it ends up in the wrong way.