Matter is anything with mass and volume. There are three types of matter- solids, liquids and gases. Examples of matter can include anything from llamas to sponges. Things that are NOT matter, however, include light, heat and energy.


States of Matter


There are three main states of matter- solids, liquids and gases.



Solids have closely packed atoms, a definite shape and volume and cannot be compressed. The forces of attraction between the particles are very strong. Examples include desks, tables and lamps.




Liquids are in the middle. They are more free to move around than solids, but not as much as solids. Their forces of attraction are not as powerful as in solids but more powerful than gases. They can flow, have an indefintie shape and a definite volume. To a point, they cannot be compressed. Examples include ketchup, water and Gatorade.




Gases are free to move around and their particles are very far apart. They have an indefintie shape and volume. Their forces of attraction between particles are extremely weak. Gases can be compressed. Examples include carbon dioxide, oxygen and nitrogen.