Job Change Factors

1. Downsizing

WHen the economy slows down due to changing market demands or international factors, people grow more cautious. They save more and spend less, slowing down the economy even more. Then business becomes more competitive. Companies look for ways to save money by reducing their work forces. All this can lead to job loss. It can also lead to job opportunities, when people see ways they or their smaller businesses can do contract work for companies that are downsizing. An example includes - Accountemps.


2. Environmental Factors

In some natural-resource-based industries, large changes to the resource itself can lead to shutdowns and job loss. recent examples include the failure of ocean fishing stocks, crop/forest destruction due to fire, flooding, weather, or pests, and mine shutdowns due to depleted ore or depleted markets. Though it’s a slow process, the positive side to this change is that it can lead to regions to develop a variety of businesses, which in turn makes communities more immune to drastic changes of fortune. An example includes the gold rush in Calgary or the oil sands in Alberta.


3. Personal Initiative

Finding a more satisfying work situation, a better job, more money, more time for family, personal advancement, leaving a dead end job. All these are reasons to take personal initiative to find a new job/change jobs.


4. Technological Change

Introducing computers, robotics, and telecommunications into the workplace not only changes how workers function, it means that people’s jobs can be replaced by machines  or systems. The upside is that it can also create jobs for those how are able to adapt to new technological systems. It also creates new jobs in engineering, manufacturing, and maintaining and fixing the new technology.


5. Restructuring

Companies often make organizational changes in order to increase their efficiency, which results in more profits. re-constructing, re-structuring means changes to the organizational structure. Which can result to job changes or job loss.