Genres of Music

Classical Music


-Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

-Ludwig Van Beethoven

-Joseph Haydn


The melody is usually conjunct or or disjunct and consist of a few ideas that are built upon throughout the song.

The rhythm is often in 6/8 time, and a general pattern is long notes, with short notes in between.




-Bruno Mars


-Al Hibbler

-Al Green


The Rhythm has a strong back-beat with lots of repetitions, and is usually a pattern of regular or irregular pulses. The beat controls the Rhythm.

The pitch in R&B is very important and has evolved widely with technology. Now artists use auto-tune to perfect their tone.




-Perry Bradford

-Duke Ellington

-John Coltrane


The melody of Jazz isn't always prominent; it mainly focuses on improvisation (improv is the focus). The harmony is the foundation of the performance and accompanies the melody. It is the only thing not left for improv.


Rock and Roll


-Elvis Presley

-Buddy Holly

-Chuck Berry


The form is usually 12 bar, and a standard i-iv-v chord progression. The instruments are generally guitar, bass guitar, and a drum set.

The melody is usually simple and repetitive, it is also usually conjunct. It's theme is usually looked down upon by parents due to it's controversial lyrics.





-Eric Clapton

-Louis Armstrong


The rhythm for blues is usually in an AAB pattern, and written in 12 bars format. It is based on the Bb blues scale, and that gives it it's special sound.




-Maxi Priest

-Bob Marley

-Peter Tosh


The rhythm emphasis is usually on the off beat by a piano, guitar, or synth. Usually on the 2 and 4 beats. It's themes are usually influenced by politics and social situations.