Fact and Myth

Most teens don’t get a long with their parents: Myth


Most teens actually do get a long with their parents; it’s just the media that makes us think they don’t.


What people want in a friend and dating relationships changes during adolescence: Fact

People’s wants change as they grow and during adolescence people learn what they want and develop their personality.


Teens who grow up in families where there is violence will be violent as adults: Myth

Teens who grow up in families where there is violence might understand that it is not good or want to eliminate it from their lives.


Relationship skills can be taught the same way as basketball or math skills: Fact

People can be taught and learn what to do in a relationship to make it successful.


If one of my friends chooses to be in an abusive relationship, there is nothing I can do to help: Myth


You can advise your friends, and support them. But you shouldn’t interfere as it is their life and their decision.


Use of alcohol and/or drugs causes violence: Myth

Alcohol and other drugs can cause you to make bad decisions, but in no way triggers violence. Also you can never legally say you were violent because of alcohol or drugs as they just make you distorted and have bad decisions.


Excluding somebody from a group or spreading rumors about a person can be a harmful as physical violence: Fact

Excluding somebody or spreading rumors about them can hurt them emotionally, make them feel left out, and cause them to make bad choices or become depressed.


Teens in gay/lesbian relationships face the same problems as teens in heterosexual relationships: Fact

Relationships have the same basis of trust, respect, and other factors. Regardless the sex of a person’s partner; any relationship can have issues and problems.