Do's and Don'ts


Do's and Dont's





Use simple and clear language- using fancy vocabulary incorrectly will lower your mark. Instead, try and use words that you already know.


Always keep the structure for essays. For Grade 9 essays especially, over 70% of the final mark will come from the utilisation of structure.


The night before the essay, try brainstorming themes covered in class. As most themes are universal, brainstorming possible introductory paragraphs are always helpful.


Use transitions words before each sentence, as this ties together all of the sentences and also is usually a requirement for essays. Never use the same transition words twice in a row (attempt to vary it up), as this comes across as unoriginal and murky.




Being vague is a huge problem with many essays. Avoid using words such as "this", "that", "these" or "those" at all costs. This takes away from the clarity of your work.


Using clichés is also a huge turn off with essays. Phrases or common sayings do not have a place in essays. Informal language (eg- contractions) is also not permitted. Sensational language ("very" or "really) and redunancy is also discouraged.


Do not address the reader with first or second person pronouns.