Death By Scrabble

1.) Using a plot diagram,  outline the short story. Make sure to label the

parts of the diagram and include what happened in the story at each point.


Introduction: In the introduction we are introduced to a man who hates his wife.

Trigger: The wife kept doing things (Unemotionally) that annoyed the man and he started thinking of ways to kill her.

Rising Action: The man finds out that whatever words he puts, it happens.

Climax: When the man plays the word quake, and the woman puts death

Falling Action: When the man chokes on a scrabble piece

Conclusion: The wife stands there laughing at the man while he dies.


2.) Describe what the man in the story is feeling. How do his feelings

intensify? Why is he feeling this way?


The man was feeling very bad and sad because he didn’t like his wife. As the story progressed his wife kept doing things that annoyed him. He didn’t like doing what his wife does and he was miserable.


3.) How do you think the wife is feeling throughout the story? How do we

know she is feeling similarly at the end of the story?


I think the wife is feeling miserable as well because she has a miserable husband and it made her feel miserable. I think she wants to get rid of him as well because it will make both of them better.


4.) What is the surprise twist at the end of the story? What lesson can it teach us? (theme)


The surprise twist is that while the husband is trying to kill his wife, he ends up killing himself. I think that the theme is don’t wish/do something to others that you wouldn’t want for yourself.


5.) Who do you sympathize with in the story? Why? Give examples to

support your answer.


I sympathize with the wife, because obviously the husband is miserable and she has to live a miserable life with him. Also he doesn't have the same interests as her and that means they probably shouldn’t have married each other in the first place and that she has a miserable marriage.


6.)  What is the narrative point of view in the story? How does it help or hurt the story that the wife’s feelings are not evident to the reader?


I think it makes the story interesting because it shows you all the hatred. if the wife’s perspective was added then the story would have a lot of back and forth, and it could get boarding.


7.)  How does the writer establish a mood in the story?


The writer establishes a mood in the story by showing the hatred of the man, he always is mad and it shows a miserable mood to the story. It also creates an ironic situation when he dies