Chapter 2


Map Projection:
When the features of a globe are transferred onto a flat surface

Mercator Projection:

Often used in the past to show countries of the world in atlases and wall maps

Equal-area projection:

A method for showing equal and relevant land sizes.

Winkel Tripel:

The standard in regional mapping


A representation of the earth’s features drawn on a flat surface.
Use maps and symbols to represent (Not photographic)

Large Scale Map:

Show large amount of detail in a small area.

Small Scale Map:

Show a small amount of detail of a large area.

Geographers and cartographers make maps

General Purpose Maps:

Many types of information, on 1 map.


- Bodies of Water
- Roads
- Railway Lines
- Parks
- Elevations
- Towns and Cities

Thematic Maps:
Maps about a certain type of information

Topographic Maps:

Shows terrain and elevation

Use symbols to show a variety of features. If you want to examine a small area of the earth in detail these maps are useful.

Contour Lines connect elevations of the same height, looks like circles