Careers Vs. Jobs

Career Job

A career is the pursit of a life long ambition

or the general course of progression

towards life long goals

An activity through which an individual can earn money. It is a regular activity in exchange of payment
Requirements Usually Requries speciality training. Speciality training may not be required.
Time Long term intentions Short Term intentions



Multiple Careers


- Growing trend

- Concurrent (2 simontanios career options)

- Sequntial (Worker adopts a new career after working for a while in a first career)

- Reasons for concurrent careers:

- Economic - Poverty of striving for wealth

- Education - Multiple degrees in different fields/degrees of education

- Personal - Intrest or lack of fullfilment in one career


Multiple Simontanios Jobs


- Option for many individuals; but many employers view as illeagl and terminalble.

- If not possible to have more than 1 job, people choose one over the other because:

- More Job satisfaction

- Higher Salery

- Better more suitable position in organization.