Canada's Involvement in International Security

NATO  - North Atlantic Treaty Organization


- Formed in 1949, soon after Cold War

- An attack on one of the countries would be considered an attack on all of them (Canada, USA, and many European Countries)

- In the early 1990’s NATO focused of preventing and managing conflict

- NATO expanded membership to include Czech Republic and Hungary

- NATO took control to the Afghanistan mission in 2003 to manage conflict and restore peace


NAADC – North American Aerospace Defence Command


- Started soon after the Cold War

- Expanded duties to tracking drug smugglers flying into Canada or the US

- NORAD helped coordinate the landing of 2400 commercial flights, as well as deployed fighter jets to the scene within minutes

- NORAD Monitors any flight when the pilot indicates that there may be a dangerous passenger


Canada in the United Nations


- Canada is a founding member of the UN

- Maintaining World Peace

- In 1990 Canada was a driving force behind the 1st World Summit for Children (International rights for children)

- Dealing with pollution, hunger, illiteracy, and discrimination


The Commonwealth


- 52 Countries, Ex-British Colonies

- Member of commonwealth since 1931

- The member countries of the commonwealth work together to promote trade and economic/social development

- In addition, they promote peace, equal rights, and rule of law

- Canada is 2nd largest contributer financially

- Coutries can be suspended if they do not follow rules


La Francophonie


- An alliance of French speaking countries

- Canada has been involved since 1970

- Francophonie committed to strengthening the peacekeeping capacities of francophone states



The Landmine Agreement


- Landmines are used in war but sometimes not removed and cause risk for civilians

- Canada and 157 other countries have signed to ban the use of lad mines and to remove existing ones


DART - The Canadian Forces Disaster Assistance Response Team


- Humanitarian Assistance: providing assistance to people devastated by natural disasters or war

- DART provides rapid response military needs for places that are in need of help

- The Disaster Assistance Response Team includes 200 skilled and trained Canadian forces to provide medical and emergency help

- DART helped Hondurans recover from a devastating hurricane in 1998

- DART helped Turkey after the 1999 earthquake

- DART helped Sri Lanka after the 2004 Tsunami