Act 2 Scene 3

Who is the porter pretending to be? What is the significance of this charade?


The porter is pretending to be the gatekeeper oh hell and people are knocking to come in. The significance is to show the theme and atmosphere of death after what happened with Duncan.



Lennox describes the night as “unruly.” What happened that night and why?


The night is unruly because Duncan was killed. He is implying that the night was unrested and chaotic due to the events that occurred



How does Macbeth explain the fact that he murdered the two guards?


He explains the fact that he killed the guards by saying that he was so angry by the death of Duncan that he couldn’t control himself.



Why do Malcolm and Donalbain leave Scotland?


Malcolm and Donalbain leave Scotland because they feel that they are in danger and should go somewhere where they can be safe from anybody who may want to kill them



Why did Macbeth murder the grooms? In what respects was this wise?


Macbeth murdered the guards because they could’ve uncovered the fact that he killed the king. This was wise because it made Macbeth look like he was angry about the death and it would lower any suspicions about him killing Duncan.




In the beginning, the porter goes to the gate to open the gate. Before he opens the gate, he is pretending/imagining what it would be like to be the gatekeeper of hell (Partially because he is still drunk). He imagines the different people that he would let into hell, which include a farmer, a liar, and a tailor. After a few knocks, he lets Macduff and Lennox into the castle. Macduff asks the Porter why he is up so late, the porter says that he was drinking until 3am. He also says that drinking causes a man’s nose to turn red, puts him to sleep, and causes him to urinate. As well as that it causes a man to have erotic experiences however causing them to sleep with no result. Macduff then assumes that the porter experienced all that last night and the porter agrees. Macbeth then comes out to greet Macduff and Lennox as if he’d been sleeping. Macduff is supposed to wake Duncan so Macbeth takes him to his room. On the way there, Macduff comments on the fact that he understands the honor and trouble it must be to host the king. Macbeth says that he enjoys the work and serving his king (An example of appearance vs. reality as he is appearing to be loyal to the king, however in reality he killed him). Macbeth returns to Lennox, Lennox says that last night unrested and that people said that there were screams of grief and death in the air. Macduff returns from Duncan’s room bringing the news that Duncan is dead. Macduff tells Lennox and Macbeth to go see for themselves, then he says to ring the alarm bell as murder and treason has occurred. Lady Macbeth comes down and asks what happened; Macduff tells her that it is too horrid for her to hear. Banquo enters and Macduff immediately tells him that Duncan has been murdered. Lady Macbeth is very surprised by this event. Macbeth comes back from Duncan’s room and says that now there is nothing worth living for and that this is a horrible thing that just happened. Donalbain and Malcolm enter and they find out that their father has been murdered, Malcolm asks who did it and Lennox says that it seems to be the guards as their hands and faces are covered with blood and they have daggers. Macbeth adds to this saying that I regret that my anger drove me to kill them. Macbeth’s excuse for killing the guards was that he couldn’t be angry, loyal, furious, and neutral all at once. As well, the violent rage due to the death of his king and his love for him caused him to want to have the courage to act upon it and kill his murderers. After that, Lady Macbeth fainted as if she is so overwhelmed with what is happening. Malcolm and Donalbain start to converse off to the side saying “why are we so quiet when we should be saying the most” Malcolm says that right now isn’t a good time to turn our grief into action as we may be in danger. Donalbain suggests that they should flee until the time is right to return. Everybody decides to get dressed then return to the hall to discuss what they will do next. Donalbain and Malcolm stay in the room and decide that they need to go separate ways (Donalbain to Ireland and Malcolm to England) so that they can be safe.