Act 2 Scene 2

What does the following reveal about Macbeth and Lady Macbeth’s differing reactions to the murder of the King?


(looking at his hands) This is a sorry sight.


A foolish thought, to say a sorry sight. (lines 20-21)


Macbeth is showing remorse for killing Duncan because he was once loyal however now he killed his king. On the other hand, since Lady Macbeth is power hungry and is excited about what could happen, she doesn’t care about Macbeth. She is also trying to verbally abuse him and intimidate him to get more power in


Why can’t Macbeth no longer say amen?


Macbeth can no longer say Amen because he has committed a very big sin and Amen is a very holy word. Macbeth wanted and needed gods blessing so that he wouldn't feel guilty, however he couldn’t receive it because what he is doing is very sinful.



Why do you think Macbeth hears a voice that says:



Still it cried, “Sleep no more!” to all the house.

“Glamis hath murdered sleep, and therefore Cawdor

Shall sleep no more. Macbeth shall sleep no more.” (lines 41-43)


Macbeth heard that voice because it is his sub-conscious that is feeling guilt and reflecting it to him in a hallucination. Just like the imaginary dagger was preparing Macbeth to go kill Duncan, the voices he hears are reflecting the guilt that Macbeth is feeling.



What does the following reveal about Macbeth’s state of mind after the murder of the king?

Will all great Neptune’s ocean wash this blood

Clean from my hand? No, this my hand will rather

The multitudinous seas incarnadine,

Making the green one red. (lines 60-63)


This quote reveals that the amount of guilt and remorse Macbeth is feeling is very big. It shows that he thinks that nothing can wash away the sin he has committed and he realizes that his sin is very big.



How would you describe Lady Macbeth as a wife and a partner to Macbeth?


Lady Macbeth is a very domineering and controlling wife and partner to Macbeth. She is using Macbeth and pushing him to do things, even if he doesn’t want to do. However, she doesn’t care about Macbeth, she is very self-centred and will do anything it takes for her to achieve her goals.





Lady Macbeth s talking to herself saying that the liquor that made the servants drunk has caused her to have a fire and boldness. She then thinks that Macbeth must be killing Duncan right now. She is also hoping that everything will go as planned because if it doesn’t, then their image would be tarnished forever. Macbeth then comes in and tells Lady Macbeth that he committed the murder. Then they hear something and assume that Donalbain may be awake due to what has happen. Macbeth is then looking at his hands thinking about the horrible deed he has committed. He also said that the servants may have realized what had happened. Lady Macbeth tells Macbeth to move on and not think about it too much or else they would go crazy. Macbeth then tells Lady Macbeth that he heard voices (which is a hallucination, just like the dagger)  that said that he can sleep no more due to him murdering Duncan in his sleep. This is showing the amount of guilt that Macbeth is experiencing. Lady Macbeth then sees that Macbeth sill has the daggers in his hands and instructs him to return them to the room. However, Macbeth is not able to do so (due to his guilt) therefore Lady Macbeth goes to complete the task to make sure the guards look guilty and not them. Macbeth then hears knocking, he also looks at his hands and feels that nothing can clean the blood from them due to the sin he has committed. Lady Macbeth returns and tells Macbeth to go put on some night clothes and to pretend that he has just awaken so that if they are called to the door, nobody would know that they were awake at such a late time. Macbeth then says “To know my deed, ’twere best not know myself. Wake Duncan with thy knocking. I would thou couldst.” Meaning that he wished that he would be able to forget his sin, and that somehow Duncan could come back to life.