Introduction to the 1920's


People want to forget normal lives the loss & destruction from WW1 and get back to their normal life



There was high unemployment in Central Canada & Western Canada. There was no demand for the products of the Maritime and Prairie provinces after the war. As well, Canada grew more economically close to the USA. As the 1920’s progressed and wartime industries, Canadians prospered.



Growing Canadian nationalism, woman’s fashions and attitudes towards them changed, and there were new technologies and inventions.


Canadian Military

Canadian soldiers wanted noting more than to go home after the war, but a large number of them didn’t return. Ships that were supposed to bring troops back didn’t come for weeks, and soldiers rioted in response. Canadian troops joined other allied troops in combating the communist threat in the Russian Civil war that followed the ending of WW1.


Spanish Flu

The Spanish flu hit the world in late 1918; it could kill you within hours of catching it. It killed approximately 30-40 million people and 35,000 Canadians.